FAQ - SnappyHexMesh user Interface

**1. Where is the polyMesh placed after completion of SnappyHexMesh?** **Ans:** Depending on the number of operations you have performed the polyMesh is placed inside time directories within working project area. Directory 1 contains polyMesh after castellation Directory 2 contains polyMesh after Snapping and Directory 3 contains polyMesh after Layering operation. ---------- **2. SnappyHexMesh is not able to generate mesh inside my refinement zone. Why?** **Ans:** This can happen when you have created/imported refinement region and supplied surface refinement over the same. If surface refinement is to be specified, you have to prepare a separate zone for the same. If you do not intend to create an additional Fluid zone, it is recommended to use volumetric refinement. ---------- **3. I have reduced size of base mesh; however the total cell count does not increase. I do not see adequate resolution, why?** **Ans:** This is observed when the cell count limit is met in SnappyHexMesh. The log file should have this reported as: No cells marked for refinement since reached limit XYZ…, where XYZ denotes the maxGlobalcells specified. You need to increase value of maxLocalcells and maxGlobalcells and rerun the mesh generation from scratch. ![enter image description here][1] ---------- [1]: http://www.tridiagonal.com/images/Tridiagonal.Solutions/p7-maxcells
Published on: 2014-03-20
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